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The Museum Agorà of Orsi Coppini, cultural center of Oil and Olive, is an emotional journey where the Extravergin Oil becomes logos, image, crafts and culture which can be tasted and  which translates a generation knowledge into a direct experience; a laboratory of meetings, soaked in Nature and Life.

Placed int the heart of the Food Valley, the Museum of Olearia Art, a former 19th century cheese factory of Parmigiano Reggiano's production, becomes the scenography of a refound culture which has been brought back to Earth after a thousand years: the culture of olive.

The Agorà between olive trees, as a strong thought that associates the agribusiness to the culture, the love of nature to the love for knowledge, for know-how and for art.

A place that becomes the Embassy of Taste where new experiences are created into the catering and for the catering.

Bruno Ferrari Road, 3 - San Secondo Parmense (PR)
Distance: 18.7 km from Parma

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