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banner aziende busseto

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Altitude: mt 42 | Distance from the provincial capital: km 37 | Zip Code: 43011 | Phone code: 0524 | Surface area: Km2 76.44

It is a charming town located at the north west of the province of Parma,bathed by the Ongina river, which represents the border with the territory of Piacenza. It was ruled for centuries by the Marquis Pallavicino, who left an unmistakable mark in the urban structure with buildings and churches of the period.

Fixed destination of cultural tourism, both italian than foreign, because of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi, who was born in Busseto. It’also one of the most important center for the production of “culatello”, an high quality salami, with artisanal production of niche. Valid concert season. Famous for the carnival.

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