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The Palazzo della Pilotta, also called simply the Pilotta.
The name comes from the game of pelota, practiced by the Spanish soldiers in the courtyard of Guazzatoio, originally said precisely of pelota.
Built around 1580, during the last years of the Duchy of Ottavio Farnese.

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Inside the palace there are:

  • National Archaeological Museum of Parma
  • Paolo Toschi Art Institute
  • Palatine Library
  • Bodoni Museum
  • Farnese Theater
  • National Gallery of Parma

Place: Piazzale della Pilotta, 15 - 43100 Parma
Phone +39 0521 233617 / 233309
Fax +36 0521 206336

From Tuesday to Saturday: 8,30 - 19,00 (ticket office closure at 18.30).
Sunday: 8,30 - 14,00 (ticket office closure at 13.30).
Closed: Mondays, 1st of January, 1st of  May, 25th of December.

Full price: € 6,00 Reduced: € 3.00
The entrance ticket to the National Gallery also includes a visit to the Farnese Theater.
Reduced ticktes from 18 and 25 years old visitors.
Free admission for all visitors under the age of 18 years and above 65 years.

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