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The Abbey of San Giovanni was built between 1510 and it was completed in 1519.
It was commissioned by Bishop Sigefredo II in a Baroque architectural style.
The project was defined by the architect Bernardino Zaccagni.

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Inside you will find paintings from Correggio, such as the Ascension of Christ, St. John and the eagle, the Coronation of the Virgin; this last one was partially destroyed and what was left was taken to the National Gallery of Parma.
The marble facade of the church was designed in 1603 by Simone Moschino in late mannerist style and completed in 1607 within the superintendence of Giovan Battista Carra or Bissone.
The bell tower on the right side, was probably made by Giovanni Battista Magnani, on the right side in1613. It is 75 meters hight and it is the highest tower in Parma.
The first information of the presence of an apothecary in the Abbey dates back to 1201, but its foundation could be even earlier, since the monastery was founded in 980 AD.
The Apothecary, consisting in 4 rooms, was represented in a nineteenth-century painting by Luigi Marchesi from Fontanelle of Roccabianca: in the painting there were the room fire (for the presence of a fireplace), the room of the mortars (with representations of doctors from ancient times), the Sirens’ room (with representations of doctors from Parma) and the laboratory, with a well and the entrance to a cellar that served as storage of spices.
In all these rooms they are ancient mortars, scales, weights and other tools for the manufacture of medicines.

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