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proposte ristoranti di parmaIn the restaurants of Parma you can taste the dishes of the Parmesan tradition: the famous salami served with “torta fritta” (fried salad pastry), pasta dishes such as “tortelli d’erbette” (pasta stuffed with cheese and spinach), “cappelletti in brodo” (pasta stuffed with meat and parmesan cheese), “bomba di riso” (rice pudding with meat of birds), etc ... Main courses such as famous "picaia" (roast stuffed with parmesan cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs), tartar horse, boiled meat, the “Rosa di Parma” (roast pork stuffed with Parmesan cheese and Parma ham), the “vecchia di cavallo” (horse meat with vegetables and tomato sauce).
All of it accompanied with Lambrusco and Malvasia wine of Colli di Parma.

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