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ristoranti soragna

ristoranti soragna

Altitude: mt 47 | Distance from the provincial capital: 27 | Zip Code: 43019 | Phone code: 0524 | Surface area: Km2 45,39

Located in the heart of Parma's plain. The economy of this town is based on agriculture and agri-food sector of typical products; recently have been implemented handicraft and industrial activities: high quality clothing production, paper and paperboard plant, furnishing and electrical systems. The wonderful Rocca Meli Lupi is the symbol of the town with its furnished interiors, painted and decorated in baroque style. There is a large English park with old trees, pond and statues, synagogue and Jewish Center, Museum of Food (dedicated to Parmesan cheese). In April there is an handycraft fair. In July there are two culinary events: "Memories of tastes", with ancient and medieval shows. To be remembered also the "Challenge of supreme culatello", which takes place in the halls of the fortress. There is the Museum of Boscaccio in Diolo, dedicated to Guareschi.

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