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The Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnographic  by the will of  the Bishop of Parma, Guido Maria Conforti, struck by the beauty of some Chinese artworks.

Moved by a "universal passion",  Conforti thought that this museum would have become a way of knowing China. He expressed his thoughts with a motto: "make the world one family". The Museum testifies the attention toward various cultures, promoted by the Xaverian. Until the Xaverians were present in China, they collected various chinese artworks: pottery collection;collection bronzes;paintings collection;collection of objects made of ivory, wood, stone, jade;numismatic collection;and a whole range of heterogeneous ethnographical material: prints, shoes, stamps,  jewelry, ornaments, screens, everyday objects, etc. ..."> In that ancient  period, China was far away and The Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnographic was founded in 1901“alien” to the Western world. Today every place in the world is close to us and it must not be “alien" to us. The museum gathers several examples of art and life from many countries. Its mission remains the same: to introduce a humanity without borders and rich of diversity, with a vision toward the future as a place to live “with the whole world”.

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