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Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano

The Parmigiano Reggiano Museum, dedicated to the world’s most famous and appreciated cheese boasting ancient origins, is located inside the historic 19th century cheese factory nestled in the shadow of the Meli-Lupi Fortress in Soragna, in an area brimming with strongholds and recollections of Verdi, along the Culatello Road.

The Ham Museum

The Parma Ham Museum is located in the completely restored ex Foro Boario complex, a splendid example of rural architecture from 1928.

Langhirano is an oasis of peace, characterized by a mild climate and pure air, with charming vineyards and the extraordinary Torrechiara castle rising majestically nearby on a hill, with its imposing ramparts and its fifteenth century settlement.

Dried pasta found a welcoming home in Italy, marking the gastronomic character of this land.

In the 19th Century, Barilla’s activities began in Parma: a fact that contributed significantly to the birth of this museum.

Museo del Pomodoro

The tomato of, American origin, found fertile ground right here in the province of Parma as early as the second half of the 19th century

The museum is located inside Corte di Giarola, a medieval food processing centre in the municipality of Collecchio.

The Salami Museum

The Felino Salami Museum is housed in the splendid cellars of Felino Castle, the ancient residence dominates the valley between the Parma and Baganza torrents that today features a charming restaurant.

The first document from Parma regarding one dates back to 1436, when Niccolò Piccinino, who was in the pay of the Duke of Milan, was ordered to procure “porchos viginti a carnibus pro sallamine” that is, twenty pigs to make salami!

The Wine Cellar of the Food Museums

The "Wine Cellar of the Food Museums" is located in the center of an area that has been producing wine for centuries, in the suggestive cellars of the Rocca di Sala Baganza.

They are part of an exhibit and sensory tour dedicated to the wine of Parma, its history and culture.

Museo Agorà - Orsi Coppini

The Museum Agorà of Orsi Coppini, cultural center of Oil and Olive, is an emotional journey where the Extravergin Oil becomes logos, image, crafts and culture which can be tasted and  which translates a generation knowledge into a direct experience; a laboratory of meetings, soaked in Nature and Life.

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