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The headquarters of the Truffle Museum is located in Calestano, inside the historic rooms of the Town Hall located in the basement of the building. In the past these rooms had housed the ancient prisons and municipal cellars already affected a few years ago by an initial redevelopment intervention, which had revealed the exposed stone walls and vaults. The lack of funds had not allowed the intervention to be completed.

museo del tartufo

The domestication of the pig dates back to around 7000 BC. in the Balkan peninsula and spread to Europe in the late Neolithic. In this period, man discovers that female pigs are irresistibly attracted to the smell of truffles, an underground mushroom. Science would later identify that truffles emit androstenone, a pheromone similar to the smell of male pigs. Thus was born, in ancient times, the practice of searching for truffles by following sows in the woods near human settlements.

Address: Via Maschi, 2 – 43030 Calestano (Parma)

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