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The Parmigiano Reggiano Museum, dedicated to the world’s most famous and appreciated cheese boasting ancient origins, is located inside the historic 19th century cheese factory nestled in the shadow of the Meli-Lupi Fortress in Soragna, in an area brimming with strongholds and recollections of Verdi, along the Culatello Road.

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The Corte Castellazzi, the site of the Museum, consists of a farmhouse with its cowshed and hayloft and its striking circular colonnaded dairy, built by Prince Casimiro Meli-Lupi around 1848 and in use until 1977, and is now home to a display of the instruments and utensils used in the production of the King of Cheeses.

Over 120 items dating from 1800 to the first half of the Twentieth Century and hundreds of pictures, drawings and vintage photographs illustrate, inside a building used for centuries to produce cheese, the evolution of the techniques used for transforming milk, the phases of seasoning and marketing and the fundamental role of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium that safeguards quality.

c/o Corte Castellazzi
Entrance from the pedestrian path of V.le dei Mille - Soragna (Parma)
Distance: 28 km from Parma

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