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Dried pasta found a welcoming home in Italy, marking the gastronomic character of this land.

In the 19th Century, Barilla’s activities began in Parma: a fact that contributed significantly to the birth of this museum.

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The visit begins with a large model of a grain of wheat and delves into its characteristics and methods of cultivation over time. It continues with a section dedicated to grinding and the various types of mills: there are reconstructions of an old mill grinder and a modern roller mill, and an overview of bread types and baked goods.

A section is dedicated to homemade pasta: interesting collections of small domestic tools, among which the very rich collection of "speronelle", or cutting wheels.

The industrial production of pasta is shown by the display of an industrial pasta factory from the mid 1800s which has been restored and is complete with a set of machines from a local production laboratory. Replica models and videos illustrate the modern production methods. The journey ends with a rich display presenting advertising communication of pasta and its role in nutrition, in gastronomy, art and culture.

c/o Corte di Giarola
Strada Giarola, 11 - Collecchio (Parma)
Distance: 12 km from Parma

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