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Museo del Pomodoro

The tomato of, American origin, found fertile ground right here in the province of Parma as early as the second half of the 19th century

The museum is located inside Corte di Giarola, a medieval food processing centre in the municipality of Collecchio.

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The exhibition is organized into seven thematic sectors and starts off with the tale of its history, with the arrival of the tomato in Europe in the sixteenth century and its subsequent spread in the food culture, the existing varieties, nutritional properties, and production areas.

It continues with the development of the processing industry with the reconstruction of a production line for tomato purée complete with 14 period machines.

The following section deals with packaging, with the exhibition of numerous and original period cans and tubes, as well as the very rich communication and promotion material.

Closing the section dedicated to the development of mechanical industry, the story of the protagonists and jobs in the factory, and a display about the “Tomato World" culture, showing advertising, quotations, paintings, sculptures and tomato-based recipes.

c/o Corte di Giarola
Strada Giarola, 11 - Collecchio (Parma)
Distanza: 12 km from Parma

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