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The Wine Cellar of the Food Museums

The "Wine Cellar of the Food Museums" is located in the center of an area that has been producing wine for centuries, in the suggestive cellars of the Rocca di Sala Baganza.

They are part of an exhibit and sensory tour dedicated to the wine of Parma, its history and culture.

cantina dei musei del cibo 1  cantina dei musei del cibo 2

Highly developed since Roman times, viticulture has left important cultural traces in the Parma area.

The exhibit is divided into six sections. The first room is dedicated to wine archeology in Parma.

The second room deals with the characteristics of the grapevine and viticulture.

The third room tells of the harvest and making of wine through antique.

The descent into the fascinating Renaissance icebox is a full sensory experience thanks to 360° projection of images.

In the hall of the barrels you will discover the history of the wine containers and their craft, the history of the cork and corkscrew and the little-known history of wine. To complete the tour, a section is devoted to the pioneers of the industry, the cultivated varieties, the wines produced, the wineries to visit in the area, the role of the Consortium of Wine Colli di Parma.

c/o Rocca Sanvitale
Piazza Gramsci - Sala Baganza (Parma)
Distance: 14 km from Parma

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