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The Salami Museum

The Felino Salami Museum is housed in the splendid cellars of Felino Castle, the ancient residence dominates the valley between the Parma and Baganza torrents that today features a charming restaurant.

The first document from Parma regarding one dates back to 1436, when Niccolò Piccinino, who was in the pay of the Duke of Milan, was ordered to procure “porchos viginti a carnibus pro sallamine” that is, twenty pigs to make salami!

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Divided into five sections, the visit begins with the historical testimony of the relationship between Felino and its product-symbol, to gastronomy in the fascinating environment of the kitchens, to butchery and the home production of sausages, with a wide range of items belonging to butchers and peasant families, to production technology, represented by a large machine for stuffing sausages.

Another section dealing with marketing presents documentation concerning the sale of salami from Felino dating back to the Eighteenth Century.

c/o Castello di Felino
Strada al Castello, 1 - Felino (Parma)
Distance: 17 km from Parma

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